Regamont, s.r.o.


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Regulační stanice plynu

Regulatory stations of gas

The Company REGAMONT, s. r. o. was founded in August in 1998. This company does its work throughout the Czech republic.


The main and the more important programmes are production, delivery and renovation of regulatory stations of gas, which have various capacities and degree of pressure of gas. Production of these regulatory stations is mainly pursued untypiccaly and it means that component stations are constructed according to individual customers´ requests. Employees of this company offer and secure comprehensive delivery in all professions, inclusive of project documentation, design and ´building on key´.

Technological mechanisms of stations are composed according to valid directives and norms, as single-breasted or more-breasted and with single and more-degreed regulations of pressure. Armatures and components are inserted to the mechanism according to customer's wish. These stations are toped up by mechanism of long-control and broadcast of datas, pertinently by operating system.